Curious About How to Cut Back on Energy?

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August 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017
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Curious About How to Cut Back on Energy?

Saving energy and money can always be done at home by cutting down on energy demands. Most of the energy consumed at home comes from cooling and heating. Energy. When home energy demand is reduced money is also saved thus gas emissions from greenhouses are reduced. By doing so the air kept clean, fresh and healthy.

Your energy bill at home is influenced by the way your home is insulated, heating and cooling system used, water heating, windows, lighting and types of appliances used in the home. When your home is not properly insulated, it affects the air entrance and outlet from your home during winter and summer. In summer hot air from outside enters the home and causes your air cooling system operate for a long time to maintain a certain room temperature.

You must insulate and seal air leaks through doors, cracks, and even windows. The fire place must be sealed properly and the damper closed in summer when not in use. Heating and cooling equipment must be maintained properly i.e cleaning air filters and general maintenance of the equipment.

The heating and cooling bill is about 43% and so steps must be carried to cut on it. Select energy saving tips may suggest that you use energy efficient products for heating and cooling. Shopping for ENERGY STAR labeled equipment can be a great energy saving tip. In winter, keep draperies and shades facing the sun open so you can gain some heat in the rooms but keep them closed in summer. Set thermostats for cooling and heating at comfort temperatures. Landscaping your home cooler in summer and reduces the bill and its one of many energy saving tips.

Well insulated homes are very important in cutting down ones energy bills. It is always wise to examine the energy usage in your home so as to reduce any wastage of energy and also save money. All spots at home with air leaks should be well sealed. Air leaks may determine how high or low a bill will be.

Window frames, attic entrances, furnace flue and water pipes, recessed lights, dropped ceiling, air ducts, chimneys and door frames are the key areas that need to be put into consideration when examining energy use. Proper sealing of these should always be done. Always install storm windows rather than single paned windows for winter. It is also a good thing to consider seeking advice from a contractor to examine energy usage in your home. He does a proper examination to detect levels of insulation on ceilings, floors and basement walls.

Energy can also be saved through hot water system in houses. Always insulate hot water pipes during winter seasons. Taking showers consume less water compared to baths. Insulating a water storage system and practicing proper maintenance on it is a good energy saving tip.

In the laundry room, wash with cold water in summer using cold water detergent. Wash and dry full loads and dry heavy towels and heavier cotton items separate from light ones. Everyone is looking at ways of saving money and the best place to start from is the home. Ensure that your home is properly insulated and sealed from hot and cold air entrance.

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